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Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering department of TKM College of Engineering is hosting the first international conference on Emerging Trends in Electrical Engineering (ICETREE 2014).

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And a youth said, “Speak to us of friendship”

Your friend is your needs answered

He is your field which you sow with love and reap with thanks giving

And he is your board and your fireside

- Kahlil Gibran

It is a fairytale

Untold so far…

Years ago…

There lived a cluster of birds

With smooth feathers of pattern alike

Always singing the sagas of love

They spent five years together

Five long years

But so swift

They loved thunder

Played at the farthest corners of sky

Simmering in the rhythm of joy

Those red domes of hope

Those verandhas of tranquility

Those corridors decorated with whispers & sighs

Those eternal lovers who could never finish their stories

The octagon - arena of our strategies

The labs - real battle fields

The class rooms (Oh, dear) - where we were hallucinated by

Those afternoon lectures

Like all stories

They too were destined to depart…

Some migrated to distant lands

Some sailed beyond the oceans

Many settled in God’s own country

A few of them - most loved by God

Scaled to the other side of time

Still we remember the chemistry of our friendship

Like the red litmus yielding to the overtures of alkali

We find again a new vigor and travel back to those golden days


Our first year

We remember the adolescent curiosity with which we stepped into TKMCE

  • Careful and studious
  • An anonymous comment shot at a new lecturer
  • One or two mass cutting
  • Dressing down by a senior
  • Fever of class tests and epidemics of semester exams

World around us was changing...

  • “Sankarabharanam” released in Grand theatre
  • Coalition politics in Kerala found new equations
  • Antony and others joined left
  • India called back Indira
  • Reagen became US president in Republican sweep
  • Ian Botham continued to be the undisputed all rounder

Our second year

  • We suddenly grown to colossal heights and started joining big agitations and marched to Principal’s chamber.
  • Some of us became Rationals, some Radicals and all the walls suddenly turned colourful like our dreams

As usual World around us was changing

  • N.N. Kakkad wrote “Saphalamee Yathra”
  • Political unrest in Kerala, Casting vote by A.C Jose, President’s rule imposed
  • Peak time of Bharathan , Padmarajan and Jayan
  • Iran released US hostages held in Tehran
  • Pope John Paul II wounded by gunman
  • We purchased a B/W TV and watched Asiad inaugural function in auditorium

Our third year

  • A frog in boiling jar
  • Someone hung on the infinite busbar
  • Our infamous agitation on class assignments
  • Memories of a tour
  • A College day full of colour and passion

World around us……

  • Gandhi bagged Oscars
  • Marquez’s magical realism won Nobel
  • Paulo Rossi conquered soccer world and Kapil’s devils won the hearts
  • British overcame Argentina in Falkland war
  • “Parankimala” released in Prince

Our fourth year

  • A dejected soldier
  • Staring future
  • It is jubilee time, we rejoiced and made a fountain in the library square
  • Oh, it is time to depart, with a pledge to meet again

World meanwhile…..

  • Karunakaran at the helm of affairs
  • Operation bluestar
  • Daley Thompson set Olympic record
  • President Reagen re elected

Anno Domini 2008

Now we reunite after

Twenty five scorching summers

Innumerous monsoons

Winters - still and boring

And many springs which brought happiness, colour and depth to us

To reinvent that magic...

To read those poems on love and friendship